March 14, 2019

IT’S DEJA BARRY ALL OVER AGAIN: Question for Pelosi: Can you name a “signature accomplishment” by Beto O’Rourke as a member of Congress?

A truthful reply would have been, “He was here for only six years. How many three-term congressmen do you think have ‘signature accomplishments’?” How many three-term senators have signature accomplishments? Rob Portman and Pat Toomey are among the most well-respected Republicans in the Senate, each with more than 15 years of experience in Congress. What are their “signature accomplishments”? What are Marco Rubio’s and Ted Cruz’s signature accomplishments? Negatives ones in both cases, I’d say: Cruz is best known to the public for the 2013 shutdown and Rubio is best known to his own party for backing the Gang of Eight immigration bill the same year. Each thought he was helping his 2016 presidential chances by doing so and ended up hurting them instead.

So maybe “signature accomplishments” are overrated.

Just ask our former president

…Once the DNC-MSM hype machine goes into full overdrive, which has already started for O’Rourke:

Found via Iowahawk who notes, “R: won 49 states. L: lost to the Zodiac Killer.”

But that isn’t stopping Condé Nast from going all-in! Vanity Fair assigned the same writer for O’Rourke’s hagiography who previously wrote for their (mercifully short lived) sister (brother?) publication Men’s Vogue, where he penned the article to accompany their fawning 2007 cover profile of John Edwards. Who, incidentally, also struck a near identical pose on their cover:

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