March 8, 2019

JEFF DUNETZ: The Democrats Make It Official: Jews Don’t Matter.

It’s the Corbynization of the Democratic Party, to borrow Bret Stephens’ phrase regarding Ilhan Omar’s intentions. It’s also a combination of intersectionality and anticipating where future votes are coming, as Neo wrote:

I don’t think Democrats much care if they lose the Jewish vote, because the number of Jews in the US is small and highly concentrated in places that are and will remain Democratic enclaves even without the Jewish vote. Plus, many Jews today are secular and have replaced any allegiance to Judaism with an allegiance to leftism, so perhaps this won’t even alienate them. I also believe that most of the Jewish donors to the Democratic Party are probably more of that latter frame of mind, and therefore perhaps the calculation is that the party can afford that, too—although I would imagine some of the leaders of the party (Pelosi and Schumer) are none too happy about the possibility of the loss of support.”

Pelosi and Schumer have made a cynical calculation that “Progressive” urban Jews won’t be leaving the Democratic party anytime soon no matter what Omar says, and sadly, they’re likely correct.

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