March 5, 2019

RUN ALL THE CANDIDATES! Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown Shouldn’t be Mistaken for Being a Moderate: “The guy is liberal. Really liberal. I know people might quibble with the ratings of various interest groups, but the vast majority of them are open about which votes they score and why. Sherrod Brown scoring a 5.92 out of 100 in his lifetime ACU rating, ranking him among the most liberal senators. He’s rated 13 out of 100 by the NRA, 4 percent lifetime by Club for Growth, 3 percent by Americans for Prosperity, 2 percent by NumbersUSA, a zero by the Center for Security Policy, a zero by the American Energy Alliance, and a zero by Citizens Against Government Waste… I really think a lot of folks in political media label Democratic officeholders and candidates ‘centrist,’ ‘moderate’ or ‘liberal’ based entirely on aesthetics and personal style. Brown votes like Bernie Sanders but get covered, and is perceived, completely differently.”

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