March 4, 2019

WELL, GOOD: Trump, RNC Courting African-American Voters Ahead of 2020.

There are five kinds of voters:

• The core die-hards who will turn out and vote for anyone with your party affiliation.

• Near-core voters who lean towards your side, but will need some convincing and/or GOTV effort.

• Swing voters, who might vote D, R, third party, or not at all.

• The other side’s near-core voters, who similarly will need some convincing and/or GOTV effort.

• And the other side’s core die-hards.

Every vote you can take from the last two categories is effectively two votes for your side, by adding one to your column and taking one from the other side’s. Trump is the first Republican president I can think of since Reagan who has made a point of aggressively courting core Democrat voters.

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