March 1, 2019


That’s a strange use of the word “outcome.” And who decides what is “gratifying” and “memorable”? Everything that you do takes the place of something else, so you’re always “missing out” on something. It seems that the female perspective is offered as the one that counts.

You could just as well say, The outcome is that many women are missing out on what for many is one of college’s most gratifying and memorable experiences… because they’re not devoting themselves to a demanding STEM program.

This is another manifestation of something that I’ve often noted in journalistic reports of gender difference: Whatever is true of the female will be presented as good.

True. My hypothesis, aside from the STEM one above: People do study abroad in hopes of meeting new sexual partners. Men, heavily outnumbered on campus by women, don’t have to go abroad for that. Women, with a shortage of men on campus, do.

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