February 25, 2019


If the pastry chef were involved in the Trump campaign or other politics, perhaps there would be some news value. But there is nothing in the newsletter or The Daily Beast article that indicates that the pastry chef played such a role. She’s not a political staffer or involved in policy, and there’s nothing in the coverage to indicate she aspires to those goals.

Nothing in the story indicates she used her politics to harass or intimidate co-workers or subordinates. She simply posted her political conspiracy theories on her personal social media accounts, which is a lot less than hundreds of blue-check-mark journalists  and anti-Trump nutters do every day on Twitter with their Russia collusion conspiracy theories.

The ONLY reason she has been singled out by The Daily Beast is that she works at a Trump property. That’s it. It’s not about the pastry chef, it’s about media hate of Trump and an eagerness to take down anyone associated, even remotely, with Trump.

Yet that pastry chef’s name, image and work details now are exposed to millions of readers of The Daily Beast for one reason only — she works at a Trump property.

What’s next for The Daily Beast? A deep dive into the personal political views of Mar-a-Lago groundskeepers, bellhops and janitors?

How about we leave low-level employees, who have not joined the political battle, alone?

As Stephen Miller tweets, “If you’ve ever worked around chefs, believe me QAnon is towards the bottom of the list of crazy shit they believe. But go chase your clicks guys.”

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