February 10, 2019


The Democratic presidential field campaigning in advance of the Granite State’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary will be confronted by some uncomfortable questions about Israel, at least if Senator Elizabeth Warren’s appearance here this weekend is any indication.

Warren, on her first visit to New Hampshire as a declared Democratic presidential candidate, answered a question from a voter who volunteered that two of his best friends from college were Jewish before pivoting to ask Warren what she thought of Israel’s West Bank settlements and “basically an apartheid situation in Palestine now.”

Warren didn’t dispute the “apartheid” characterization, but didn’t endorse it, either. Instead she thanked the voter for his question and replied with generalities in which voters from a variety of viewpoints about Israel might find themes to sympathize.

Though Israel has traditionally had strong bipartisan support in the US, some recent polls have found support for Israel to be weaker among “progressive” Democrats than among other Americans.

Yeah, that’s pretty obvious if you’ve been paying attention.

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