February 8, 2019

WHERE ARE THE FUNNY MOVIES AT? ‘Blazing Saddles’ at 45: The Movie That Couldn’t Get Made Today.

Blazing Saddles seems to send up almost everything. And it does it brilliantly. The humor employed if filled with what today would be known as triggers for the emotionally weak, politically correct, Social Justice Warrior crowd.

Ethnic jokes abound. There is enough juvenile sexual humor to keep a thousand generations of pubescent boys entertained. The movie also has the most memorable fart joke scene ever.

Throughout, the what would now be taboo humor is used to lampoon racism, politicians, entertainers, and too many more things to remember offhand. It is brilliantly done, but only if one is from an era when the majority of the population wasn’t perpetually seeking to be aggrieved.

If you had told me in the early ’80s that one day we’d look back fondly on the ’70s, I’d have glared at you though knock-off Wayfarers then turned my Walkman up to 11 just to drown out the silliness.

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