February 7, 2019

WHAT IS IT WITH DEMOCRATS, BLACKFACE, AND THE KKK? Blackface lynching pictures from UNC Chapel Hill 1979 yearbook emerge – the same year NC Gov Roy Cooper graduated – just days after HE called on Virginia Governor to resign over racist photo.

On the one hand, this is pretty thin gruel: “Aside from the shot where they use a lighting fixture with a noose, the two-page spread for the frat shows a woman kissing a man’s cheek and they too have their faces blacked up in the black-and-white pictures. There is no suggestion that Cooper is in any of those photos but they feature in his 1979 yearbook.”

On the other hand, if he were a Republican the press would consider this totally relevant. Remember when the press went crazy over a “racist rock” that might have been on a ranch Rick Perry’s family once leased? So live with it, Dems.

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