February 4, 2019

I’M HOPEFULLY BACK TO REGULAR POSTING. I’VE BEEN FIGHTING OFF ZOMBIE VIRUS FROM HECK. YOU KILL IT AND IT COMES BACK. MEANWHILE…  I, like the majority of Americans, didn’t really watch the Superbowl, but my husband likes keeping up with it, so he’d now and then come in and look at the stream, while I was working on something different.  Which enabled to me to catch some commercial bragging about how their players pursued social justice.  And then there was the Washington Post commercial. Washington Post union leader blasts company for high-dollar Super Bowl ad.

It amuses me that the outrage is how much they paid, and not how blatantly stupid it was.

Dear Washington Post.  yes, democracy dies and darkness.  But the majority of the public has seen you holding the pillow over democracy’s face to make sure it dies. And once we’ve seen it we can’t unseen it. Soon your only function will be stocking the bathrooms at CNN after they stop being able to afford toilet paper and before they fold.

Enjoy the ride.

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