January 31, 2019

NO. I BELIEVE THEY SAID “HOLD MY BEER AND WATCH THIS.”  New York Passes Evil Abortion Law, Virginia Legislature Says ‘It’s Our Turn!’

Look, reasonable people can disagree on first trimester abortion, but this? This makes a baby’s humanity dependent on being wanted by his mother AT THAT MOMENT. Had a baby the wrong sex? (And even with ultra sounds, they only figured out younger son was a boy three days before birth. Not that we cared, but we’d been assuming girl till then from what they’d told us.) Oops, wrong for mommy’s mental health, therefore baby must be murdered.  Evil.  Unmitigated evil. It makes a baby’s humanity conditional on a parent’s say so, and therefore it makes all humanity conditional. How many of us were unexpected or even unwanted children? Do you want this law?

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