January 21, 2019

I’ve found myself arguing on social media with seemingly otherwise intelligent people who claim that someone wearing a MAGA hat is properly seen as a “threat” and a supporter of “racial oppression” by many. I noted that (a) wearing a MAGA hat just means some combination of “I like Trump” and “I am patriotic,” which applies to about 43% of the population; (b) the kids from Covington High School may not have even meant that much, as they probably just picked up the hats as souvenirs on their DC school trip; (c) that almost a million of these hats have been sold, and reported acts of violence by people wearing the hats are non-existent or close to it. I’ve been told in return that “threat” doesn’t mean threat of physical or verbal abuse, though it’s not clear what it does mean. And that the subjective intent of even 99% of the wearers has nothing to do with whether the hat is properly seen as a symbol of racial oppression. Sigh.

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