January 21, 2019

THE LATEST THING THAT WILL PROBABLY KILL US ALL: The Hill reports that Washington is alarmed about “deepfakes,” an open-source technology for realistically (sort of) mapping someone’s face onto another person’s body. Obviously, this could be used in disinformation campaigns. (And, of course, people are using it for porn.) Time to panic? Don’t worry, lawmakers and “experts” have a plan, which appears to be:

1. Pass laws to ban the Deepfakes software and/or actually making videos with it, or even classify it as terrorism.
2. Completely ignore how ineffective and absurdly impossible this was last time, even our own country, where the law supposedly applies.
3. ???
4. Russians successfully prevented from interfering with election using Deepfakes software.

As usual, when it comes to making laws about technology or censorship, we are just not sending our best people. Sad!


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