January 19, 2019


● Shot: CNN Does Not Know How To Question Ilhan Omar’s Conspiracy Theories And Anti-Semitism.

—The Federalist, yesterday.

● Chaser: CNN’s John King: Should Pence Family’s Christianity Disqualify Them from Secret Service Protection?

NewsBusters, yesterday.

● Hangover: ‘You fail your profession’: Chris Cuomo says ‘Mueller didn’t do the media any favors tonight.’

Twitchy, yesterday.

● The D.T.s: “‘The larger message that a lot of people are going to take from this story is that the news media are a bunch of leftist liars who are dying to get the president, and they’re willing to lie to do it, [CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin says of BuzzFeed]. And I don’t think that’s true.’”

 The Washington Free Beacon, yesterday. 

Narrator voice: It’s very much true. Just think of the media as Democratic operatives with bylines, and yesterday’s meltdown all makes sense.

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