January 16, 2019

DELIBERATELY MISSING THE POINT: Reason: The Gillette Ad Tells Men Not to Hurt People. Why Is This Offensive? “Yes, the ad invokes ‘toxic masculinity,’ an ill-defined concept sometimes deployed by the campus left in overbroad ways. But most of the ad depicts men deciding not to bully each other, harass women, or commit violence. Are these really ‘leftist social priorities’? Do conservatives really wish to portray them as such?”

Now try this: Ad tells black people not to steal. Why is this offensive?

Or maybe: Ad tells women not to lie. Why is this offensive?

Or, so that the Reason folks will really get it: Ad tells pot smokers not to become drug-crazed mass killers. Why is this offensive?

But I think the reason that this really struck a nerve is this: Men are used to being treated badly on TV shows and in ads, because women control most discretionary spending. But now men are even being treated badly in ads for the products they themselves buy. Advertisers thinking they can get away with that is a pretty open expression of contempt. And the contempt is being returned.

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