January 10, 2019

HEALTH: This mobile app could offer sweet relief from tinnitus.

If you’re one of the millions that suffer from this condition — a strange ringing or buzzing in the ear — coping can be a constant struggle. Diapason, a French startup, has distilled some of the best treatments into a mobile app that people can use anywhere. It offers a series of three-to-five minute activities, served through daily collections, that are personalized to the particular frequency or pitch that your ears are struggling with. The activities are basically mini-games that can, the company claims, deliver tangible results in as little as two weeks.

I suffered from tinnitus as a side effect during both bouts of hyperthyroidism, and the only permanent relief from the crazy-inducing randomness of it was having my thyroid gland nuked. But tinnitus has many other causes, so if this app works as promised, that’s a huge relief for perhaps millions.

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