January 9, 2019

ASHE SCHOW: He Was Found Not Guilty In Court Of Sexual Assault. His School Still Expelled Him.

Saifullah Khan, an immigrant who grew up in an Afghanistan refugee camp, won a full scholarship to Yale University. He would later be accused of sexually assaulting a female classmate in 2015 – an accusation that, in a rarity for campus accusations, actually resulted in a criminal trial. During that criminal trial, Khan was found not guilty, based on video evidence that showed him an his accuser walking arm-in-arm and smiling, as well as key-card evidence that supported his story that the woman invited him back to her dorm after he left, and then asked him to check on her friend who was actually too drunk.

Activists, working on emotion and not evidence, concluded that the system failed (because women, we’re told, never lie about sexual assault), and demanded Yale expel Khan anyway, ignoring the evidence in his favor.

Despite being found not guilty in a court of law, Khan still had to go through a campus tribunal, where he was not granted full due process rights (Yale is a private university and has more leeway in denying constitutional rights to students).

Show them a man, to misquote Lavrentiy Beria, and under Title IX they’ll find a crime.

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