December 24, 2018

SOCIALISM: The exodus of New York City’s endangered middle class.

Get ready for “bad luck.” “Under capitalism, the rich grow powerful. Under socialism, the powerful grow rich — and everyone else grows poor.”

Or maybe it’s not a case of unintended consequences at all: Cuomo’s Depopulation War On Upstate NY. “Since the start of the decade, a million people have moved out of New York. For Andrew Cuomo, that’s not a problem, that’s a victory. It has solidified his party’s hold on power, and it has reshaped the state and its culture in a fashion more congenial to his interests and agenda. . . . There is a decade-long depopulation of upstate New York underway, and it is hard to conclude that that is anything other than a policy objective of Andrew Cuomo. In this dramatically bifurcated state, Cuomo’s efforts to make New York – in his words – ‘the progressive capital of the nation’ require a weakening and suppression of conservative, rural and Republican upstate.”

So he declared war.

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