December 21, 2018

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Why Are Hershey’s Kisses Suddenly Missing Their Tips?

The issue apparently initially came to light thanks to members of the Facebook group The Wedding Cookie Table Community. The page’s Pittsburgh-based founder Laura Magone told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that a fellow baker first pointed out the problem over two weeks ago. But things got even more bizarre when Magone called to complain: “Hershey has told people on this page (including me today) they are intentionally breaking off the tips of the iconic American Hershey kiss at the factory so the tips don’t break off in transit — this makes no sense,” Magone wrote on Facebook. She told the Post-Gazette that answer “doesn’t pass the smell test,” and urged other members of the group to also call and complain.

They can keep the tips just so long as they keep making the ones with the sliver of almond inside.

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