December 11, 2018

BREAKING: Fatal Shooting Near Christmas Market in Strasbourg, Suspect on the Run.

UPDATE (From Ed): As always with shooting incidents, early reports can be chaotic and contradictory. However, Andrew Neil of the London Spectator tweets that “This is becoming a scandal. French media reporting gunman escaped this morning from a search carried out at his home in the district of Neudorf south of Strasbourg by gendarmes. Grenades were found on site by the gendarmes.”

The London Telegraph is currently reporting that “at least four people” have been killed, and that the gunman is still at large. “The authorities are treating the attack as a terrorist act. Anti-terrorist prosecutors have opened an investigation.”

LATE UPDATE (From Ed): The Telegraph have since stealth edited their article, and currently state that “A suspected terrorist is on the run after killing at least three people and injuring 11 more in the eastern French city of Strasbourg near its Christmas market.”


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