December 2, 2018

FLASHBACK: Dan Rather’s Failed, Fake News Ambush of Bush.

Under the tutelage of Roger Ailes and Lee Atwater, Bush ran a savvy campaign in 1988 as effectively, the third term of President Reagan. Without their help in 1992, Bush seemed to be phoning his reelection bid in, acting as if he didn’t care if he won or lost.

Related: “Appearing as a guest on Saturday’s Today show on NBC to discuss the passing of former President George H.W. Bush, MSNBC contributor and historian Jon Meacham made a point of praising the former President for going left on some issues like taxes in defiance of the Republican party’s conservative base. Correspondent Andrea Mitchell also saw raising taxes as a bright spot on Bush’s presidency and talked up the notion that it improved the economy…After noting that Republicans never had control of either house of Congress while Bush was President, Meacham added: ‘But what he did with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Clean Air Act, the budget deal, as President Clinton will tell you, set the terms of properity of the 1990s.’”

That last quote is awfully rich, considering Clinton attacked Bush from the right for raising taxes. Or as they say at the Delta house, you f***ed up – you trusted us.

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