December 1, 2018

THE MASSES NEVER FAIL TO DISAPPOINT THEIR BETTERS: WaPo, NYT Lament Auto Workers Blaming GM—Not Trump—For Layoffs. “Nearly identical articles from the New York Times and Washington Post this week lamented the idea that auto workers blamed General Motors for its factory closures rather than President Donald Trump. . . . Both outlets spoke with members of the Ohio community hurt by the news of G.M.’s decision to close its Lordstown factory, and the findings were similar: People think G.M. would have moved operations out of the region no matter what Trump did and largely credit him for putting up a fight for their community. They appreciate his efforts to help their industry and see G.M. as the culprit. The sentiment appears to have shocked the reporters, who traveled to Ohio because the plant closure had the potential to be a ‘political challenge for Trump.’ The Post expressed frustration that Trump ‘seems able to promise the world yet suffers little damage from supporters when he fails to deliver.'”

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