November 12, 2018

SAUL MONTES-BRADLEY: Brenda Snipes, idiocy and how to destroy the electoral system.

For 15 years now, this harridan has been bungling elections in Broward County with a combination of incompetence, cupidity and corruption that would make Mexican drug dealers blush. She has managed to turn her County and State in the short list of the most corrupt on record. She has been found guilty of systematically violating the Florida Constitution, the law and the responsibilities of her office and…crickets.

The Sun Sentinel published a nice abridged list of her misdeeds here. “For 15 years, Snipes has served as Broward County’s elections chief, with mixed results. Long lines and vote counts that continued long after polls closed marred elections in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2012, 2016 and, of course, this year.”

And for all of those 15 long years, a succession of Republican governors have done NOTHING to end her reign of fraud and corruption. Jeb Bush, Charly Christ and Rick Scott sat on their gluteus maximus, occasionally raised a vapid complaint, and took no action. Now, as her team of activists continue to produce as many ballots as needed to revert the results of November 6th last, a chorus of indignant politicians wail their woes to the air, but all of them, from Rick Scott to Marco Rubio to the waitress at the Flashback Diner on Federal Highway knew well what was going on and lacked the testicular fortitude to do anything about it.

Now is too late. Their fates (and ours) are in her creepy hands.

Read the whole thing, because the stakes this week are far higher than just one senate seat or governor’s mansion.

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