October 30, 2018

OUCH: Whirlpool asks bankrupt-Sears for inventory back.

Whirlpool – which makes washing machines, refrigerators and dish washers, among other appliances – sent a letter to Sears last week asking that the retailer return items it had received from Whirlpool in the 45 days leading up to its Oct. 15 bankruptcy filing, according to The New York Post.

Whirlpool said that Sears has no right to the products since the company was insolvent when it ordered them, requesting the retailer refrain from selling or disposing of them.

Related: Sears bankruptcy puts Kenmore lifetime warranty in question.

Ten years ago my wife and I purchased a Kenmore Elite dishwasher which we’ve been very happy with, but are now left wondering if replacement parts are going to become an issue.

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