October 25, 2018

I HAD BEEN ASSURED BY MANY PROMINENT DEMOCRATS THAT VOTER FRAUD WAS A MYTH: Former Democratic Party leader paid women in alleged Tarrant voter fraud ring, AG says.

A Fort Worth woman recently indicted on voter fraud charges paid others involved in the scheme with funds provided by a former Tarrant County Democratic Party leader, court documents filed this week show.

After learning about a state investigation, Leticia Sanchez — one of four women arrested and indicted on voter fraud charges — allegedly directed her daughter to send a text message to others in the scheme, urging them not to cooperate with investigators, state officials say.

The allegations are made in a state’s notice of intent to introduce evidence in Sanchez’s criminal case, where state officials say she was among those who collaborated to vote for certain down-ballot candidates on a number of north side residents’ mail-in ballots.

Sounds to me like a criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise legally registered voters.

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