October 24, 2018


The foundation of every hate group is to generalize against a certain demographic in a negative manner. The Democrats’ latest whipping boy is toxic masculinity (TM). Their definition of TM is white men being competitive (also called winning), acting strong (instead of sensitive and vulnerable), expressing their (offensive) love of women, and not showing enough interest in the LGBTQ community. For hyper-moralizing liberals, masculinity represents violence, oppression, gender suppression, and policing of anything not considered virile. They insist it’s better to be weak. It’s an accomplishment to do nothing.

Is this a window into the wussification of the American male? If so, I’m losing hope for the human race.

Masculinity built this world. It’s what took us from living in caves to walking on the moon. Manliness is what pushes our country forward, permits great discoveries, and solves all manner of problems, big and small. Every noteworthy pursuit by man has been the product of his macho nature: art and culture, civics and civilization, science and technology, literature and philosophy. Now it seems we are headed in a completely different direction. In the ’60s, leftist long-haired acid freaks were crying, “We don’t want war, or jobs!” The situation grew worse in the ‘80s when young men got into glam metal music and began wearing tight clothes. Present day men have morphed into beta males and soy boys who get manicures and take college classes in “The Art of Walking” (Centre College) and “How to Watch Television” (Montclair College).

In my lifetime we went from John Wayne, Steve McQueen, and Charles Bronson to Anderson Cooper, Stephen Colbert, and Don Lemon. Even the Brawny paper towel dude — that mustachioed, denim-shirted logger pictured against a backdrop of conifers — was not immune to TM. His image was tweaked to change the color of his shirt, remove his mustache, and get rid of that dreadful axe.

Despite what you’ve been told, masculinity is not toxic. It’s what women turn to when they need protection from invaders. Masculinity wins wars and builds civilization. A lack of masculinity is what causes Social Justice Warriors to spend their lives in a deep state of frustrated offense and outrage, students to become mindless sheep, and cops to cower behind patrol cars while school children are massacred. Society has indoctrinated young boys into believing that being masculine is bad.

Are you allowed to say this now?

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