October 23, 2018

BUT OF COURSE: Roseanne Banned, Nasty Tom Arnold Thrives.

Christian Toto:

The comic actor is the star of “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.” The VICELAND series has Arnold searching for video or audio that will end the Trump administration. So far, the search has come up empty.

That’s not stopping him, the show or media outlets from affording him copious press coverage. And then there’s the other side of Arnold.

His Twitter feed is a non-stop assault on President Trump. Nothing uncommon there. Arnold takes it a few steps further, though. He attacked fellow actor Dean Cain as “racist” and “anti-LGBT” recently for pitching his new film, “Gosnell,” at a Christian gathering. Arnold strongly suggested new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a pedophile with zero proof to back up the claim.

Now, he’s threatening President Trump on social media.

Christian has screencaps of Arnold’s tweets, which would seem to violate Twitter’s Terms of Service. But the appeal to the company’s TOS has become, we shall say, more selective.

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