October 18, 2018

SENATE CANDIDATE STEALS COMMERCIAL: HBO’s ‘Veep’ gag and new Joe Donnelly political ad are basically the same.

Many Hoosiers who saw the latest Joe Donnelly ad entitled “Axe” may have viewed it and thought, “well, there’s a fella who likes to chop his own wood!”

But fans of HBO’s “Veep” looked at it and said, “boy, this sure looks familiar.”

That’s because the Donnelly ad posted to his YouTube page Wednesday is very similar to a commercial called “Chopping” that aired on the Julia Louis-Dreyfus led comedy for fictional congressional candidate Jonah Ryan.

The similarities, from the location to the close-up shots of wood being chopped on a stump, were pointed out on Twitter by Jerry Dunleavy. . . . The two are so similar that Timothy Simons, who plays Ryan, called Donnelly out: “IM SENDING THIS (expletive) AS CEASE AND DESIST (sic).”

Dunleavy’s been taking a victory stroll on this getting noticed.

Plus: “Remember this truth: Everyone in D.C. wants it to be like The West Wing, acts like it’s House of Cards, but it’s really just Veep.”

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