October 15, 2018

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Blacks’ Loyalty To The Democrat Party is Insane — Not Kanye West.

West has been cruelly targeted by very powerful liberal celebrities. Actor Chris Evans, for example, recently ripped West as someone “who doesn’t know history, doesn’t read books, and frames their myopia as virtue.”

Equally dismissive, left-wing comedian Jimmy Kimmel has maliciously mocked West as “an irrational madman.” And countless other liberal elites have vented that West is “mentally ill,” “illiterate,” and “unwell” for daring to reject their “progressive” view of the world.

Leaving aside the fact that white conservatives would be lambasted as racists if they made similar disparaging comments about any black person, what is particularly disturbing to watch is the zeal with which many African Americans have also rushed to attack West. Bucking group-think isn’t popular in Black America, and Kanye is learning the hard way.

Rapper Snoop Dogg has accused West of being an “Uncle Tom” for supporting the President. And CNN host Don Lemon openly giggled while panelists on his show branded West a “token negro” who should be traded “in the racial draft” because black folks have “had it with him.” More recently, Lemon has accused West of putting on a “minstrel show” and of “embarrassing Americans, but mostly African-Americans.”

The Democrats can’t afford many black defections and remain a viable party, so defectors are treated harshly as examples to the others.

I suspect the attacks from West’s fellow black celebrities are done out of fear — fear of being discovered as having gotten rich and famous, in part, by selling out black interests to the Democratic machine.