October 12, 2018

THAT SEEMS LIKE A LOT: Interior Dept. disciplined 1,500 employees for misconduct.

The employees, both full-time staff and probationary appointees, have either been removed, reprimanded or suspended, according to the email sent by Interior Deputy Secretary David Bernhardt.

Bernhardt provided the update to follow up on Secretary Ryan Zinke’s promise to crack down on what the department called “the widespread and pervasive culture of harassment and discrimination” in a news release last year. The initial effort focused on harassment in the National Park Service, but since then, the department has taken steps to combat harassment throughout the department. The 1,500 employees come from all parts of the department as well.

Zinke announced plans to combat harassment in the National Park Service last October, a week after The New York Times published the first story detailing allegations of sexual assault and harassment from Harvey Weinstein, igniting the national #MeToo movement.

A National Park Service Work Environment Survey from 2017 found that 10.4% of service employees had experienced sexual harassment, and 38.7% employees reported experiencing some form of harassment in the past year alone, according to the initial release.

Is every federal department this bad?

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