October 11, 2018

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! Media Say ‘Time Is Running Out’ to Save Planet 30 Years After Previous Warning.

“In a simpler time, not so long ago, environmentalists talked about saving forests for hiking, streams for rafting and clean air for the pure enjoyment of breathing it,” the Los Angeles Times reported in October 1989. “Now, as the 1990s approach, the talk has turned to the science of survival—saving forests for oxygen, keeping streams from spreading toxic pollutants, cleaning the air to avoid catastrophic global warming.”

At the end of the 1980s the message was the same. They just called it “global warming.”

“The threat of environmental cataclysm is replacing nuclear holocaust as the most frightening menace to civilization,” the LA Times said, warning we must stop polluting or else.

“By many measures, time is running out,” the environmentalist group Worldwatch Institute warned. “Oceans would rise, deserts would spread, forests would die. People would starve,” the LA Times said.

Sounds familiar, probably because we’ve heard it regularly in every decade since. We heard it in 1992. And 1993. And 2007. And 2017.

Classical reference in headline. Although in this awesomely bad version, it sounds more like “The Vinyl Cow Town:”

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