October 7, 2018

MICHAEL WALSH: This is the High-Water Mark of the ‘Resistance’ — for Now.

When the judge reacted the way any normal man with a spine would, and punched back against his tormentors, Demorats and the media allies complained about his “temperament,” as if the foremost qualification for public office is how much abuse Kavanaugh could endure — or, to use the mot de jour much beloved by the Left, “survive.” Now they are complaining that the Court, with Kavanaugh’s ascension to its ranks, has lost “legitimacy,” and will continue to smear him with baseless charges, operating along well-orchestrated principles of Leftist argumentation:

  1. Post a counter-factual (Kavanaugh is a rapist)
  2. Argue it as if it were prima facie true
  3. Win by any means necessary

Read the whole thing.

Related: Christopher Caldwell on Kavanaugh Conservatives vs. Booker Democrats: “Suddenly there are two parties in this country: There are Kavanaugh conservatives and Booker Democrats. Maybe this will change. For now, those who claim to be weighing the balance between the two are obtuse, nostalgic, or trying to persuade their old comrades not to shoot them in the back as they make their way towards enemy lines. Americans of all political persuasions have woken up this week—some with exhilaration, some with despair—to the realization that, as the essayist Midge Decter once wrote, they are going to have to join the side they are on.”

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