September 24, 2018

JUST SAW A MARSHA BLACKBURN FOR SENATE CAMPAIGN SPOT: It features a bunch of people saying that they voted for Phil Bredesen for Governor, and he was a good governor, but that they won’t vote for him for Senate because he supports Hillary and Chuck Schumer’s Democrats. This seems to be exactly the argument they need: Bredesen was a successful governor with a good reputation, but in the Senate he’ll be a Democrat with the other Senate Democrats. What’s more, it’s respectful, unlike the shrill Diane Black / Randy Boyd mutual-attack ads in this year’s GOP gubernatorial primary, which turned off enough people to benefit nominee Bill Lee. We’ll see if it works.

UPDATE: Here it is.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I had forgotten this: The Bredesen Administration’s Sexual Harassment Coverup. “The governor’s office has become involved in a select number of workplace harassment complaints against top state officials and has put them under a veil of secrecy that does not apply to ordinary state workers, a Tennessean review of case files shows. . . . The Tennessean’s then editor, Everett J. Mitchell II, slammed Bredesen’s secrecy on high-profile cases, writing in his paper, ‘How is the public to be assured that the problem has been appropriately and adequately addressed if the public business is done in secrecy?’ Mitchell argued ‘the shredding of documents raises the specter there was more to it and that there was something to hide.'”

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