September 13, 2018

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: The FBI Mysteriously Close New Mexico Observatory. “The Sunspot Observatory is now currently closed to both staff and the public, with no word on why or when it will be open again.”

Fallen Angels storyline: They discovered we’re heading for a Maunder Minimum or worse and don’t want people to know.

Alternative: Another sighting of that cloaked alien spaceship.

UPDATE: “This is how it starts.”

It starts with a newspaper report about suspicious activity at a space research facility—government agents and military vehicles. The local sheriff gets angry and confused. Then the TV news reports feature interviews with locals saying things like, “Nothing really happens here very much. And since nobody knows, it could be almost anything.”

All that has happened over the last week at the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, 130 miles southwest of Roswell—and the situation is still a mystery.

The truth is out there.

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