September 4, 2018

TRUMP’S SECRET SUPERPOWER IS MAKING LEFTIES BATSHIT CRAZY: New Resistance theory: A Trump staffer was giving white supremacist hand signals behind Kavanaugh today.

Look me in the (virtual) eyes and tell me we shouldn’t scrap this garbage spectacle altogether. There’s no reason we couldn’t have senators submit written questions to a SCOTUS nominee, give him two weeks to answer, then hold an up-or-down vote. There hasn’t been a meaningful Supreme Court confirmation hearing since Clarence Thomas’s, and those were extraordinary circumstances because of the sexual harassment allegations against him. Unless there’s scandal to explore, there’s simply no point to quizzing nominees in real time. Particularly in an age of the Ginsburg Rule, extensive pre-hearing meetings between the nominee and various senators, and extraordinarily close White House vetting of candidates to avoid any confirmation-process surprises. . . .

The accused “white power” signaler is of Mexican ancestry and a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. Jewish Mexicans — the most dangerous white nationalists of all.

Maybe she’s under deep, deep cover. If so, it must be really deep: By more than one account, she’s a very nice person. . . .

What’s the hand signal for “The Resistance is filled with bad-faith morons”?

Bash is fortunate that her background disproves the accusation against her so obviously. If it didn’t, this charge would follow her around for God only knows how long no matter how innocent her hand gestures today were. As it is, the only semi-redeeming virtue of this pitiful episode is that the QAnon people are destined to notice and conclude that Bash was actually sending a coded signal to them about Trump’s and Mueller’s secret plan to liberate the kids from the pedophile camps or whatever.


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