August 12, 2018

MSM NARRATIVE FAIL:  ‘Unite the Right’ Rally: White Nationalists March in D.C.

It’s not until the fifteenth paragraph that the New York Times bothers informing its readers of a crucial detail: “The Unite the Right group planned to have up to 400 people at the rally … though the group was considerably smaller.” So all this media hoopla for a few dozen losers, because it feeds into the media’s preferred narrative that Trump has brought us to the verge of racist-fascist takeover of the U.S.?

UPDATE: Even then, the Times isn’t being completely forthright. “Considerably smaller” apparently means around thirty people. My friend has more people than that playing role-playing games in his basement this weekend, but the MSM doesn’t seem interested in that.

MORE: The Times has now completely rewritten the story, now emphasizing the “low attendance” of around “two dozen.” Some of my local friends were literally scared for their safety because of the way the media all last week suggested that thousands of violent neo-Nazis were about to descend on D.C. Someone should be held accountable, but won’t.

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