August 11, 2018

FRIDAY AFTERNOON PURGE: Twitter Deplatforms Gavin McInnes and Proud Boys Accounts.

Related: Thoughts from Stacy McCain on his own earlier banishment by Twitter’s management:

When I was working for The Washington Times, we did not seek to prevent the distribution of The Washington Post, nor during my years as a correspondent for The American Spectator have we ever sought to silence any competing publication. Yet CNN and other so-called “mainstream” media operations are now actively engaged in a smear campaign intended to “de-platform” alternative voices online.

That was a simpler time, before Time-Warner-CNN-HBO and other DNC-MSM outlets got into the business of doxxing and de-plaforming their potential customers.

Update: Online Retail Platform Terminates Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed Account Without Explanation.

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