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August 8, 2018


[Joseph] Schumpeter predicted, before the massive expansion of higher education, that capitalism would breed a new class of intellectuals (writers, journalists, artists, lawyers, etc.) who would be motivated by both ideology and self-interest to undermine liberal democratic capitalism. “Unlike any other type of society, capitalism inevitably and by virtue of the very logic of its civilization creates, educates and subsidizes a vested interest in social unrest,” Schumpeter wrote in Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy. He adds a bit further on: “For such an atmosphere [of social hostility to capitalism] to develop it is necessary that there be groups whose interest it is to work up and organize resentment, to nurse it, to voice it and to lead it.”

Sarah Jeong is not the ideal example of what Schumpeter was talking about, viz. capitalism (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fits that bill better). But she is a good example of the larger adversary culture that universities not only “nudge” students toward, but actively indoctrinate them into. Simply put, there is an entire industry dedicated to the proposition that not just the American past, but the American present, is disordered, bigoted, and oppressive. And Jeong’s meteoric and meritocratic rise demonstrates how so many of our best and brightest have gotten that message. How many have internalized it as ideology or have just cynically decided that’s how you get ahead is an open question.

Meanwhile, regarding another of Schumpeter’s children, Stephen Colbert “Refers to National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg as One of ‘Trump’s Allies’ (He’s Not):”

Goldberg vehemently opposed Trump during the 2016 and remains as one of the president’s most vocal non-liberal critics on Fox News. The conservative columnist blasted his performance at the Helsinki summit and placed blame at the president’s feet for the spending bill he signed into law earlier this year. He called Trump a “clown” and said he tweets like a “14 year old girl” back in 2015. Goldberg even referred to Trump as a “bane of humanity.”

In other words, calling Jonah Goldberg a “Trump ally” is like calling Jennifer Rubin a “conservative.”

To paraphrase the legendary Senator Blutarsky, was it over when Jonah bombed Pearl Harbor?

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