July 18, 2018

OOPS: Papa John’s Founder Says It ‘Was A Mistake’ To Resign Over N-Word Comment.

“The board asked me to step down as chairman without apparently doing any investigation. I agreed, though today I believe it was a mistake to do so,” Schnatter wrote in a letter Saturday to the pizza chain’s board of directors, according to the Wall Street Journal Tuesday.

“I will not allow either my good name or the good name of the company I founded and love to be unfairly tainted,” he added.

In the letter, the pizza company founder also explained that during the training session he was asked if he was racist, to which he said, “no.”

“I then said something on the order of, Colonel Sanders used the word ‘N,’ (I actually used the word), that I would never use that word, and Papa John’s doesn’t use that word,” the former chairman explained.

Schnatter should never have allowed the Outrage Mob to collect his scalp.

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