July 7, 2018

OCEANIA HAS ALWAYS BEEN AT WAR WITH ANDREW WHEELER: After Praising Scott Pruitt’s Resignation, Left Insists Andrew Wheeler Is Worse.

Wheeler shares many of the Pruitt’s policy views and was confirmed as deputy in April with only three Democratic votes. As with Pruitt, many on the Left find his views on climate change and environmental regulation disheartening. Similar to how many on the Left mourned Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, environmental agencies and liberal commentators took to Twitter to express their dread of the new administrator of the EPA.

The Natural Resources and Defense Council (NRDC), an environmental advocacy group, tweeted that Wheeler was just as nefarious and ill informed as Pruitt, but much more capable. The headline of the article reads “Who is Andrew Wheeler (And Why You Should Be Afraid Of Him).”

Wheeler is Pruitt’s “ideological twin,” just with more “political savvy” according to the article.

Good — because nobody could have less political savvy than Pruitt.

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