June 30, 2018

EMERALD ROBINSON: The Collapse Of The NeverTrump Conservatives. “Many people mistook their policy positions for principles, and Trump has made them look foolish. What do they stand for now? What does it mean to be conservative if you’re not clear about what you’re conserving? Credit David Brooks, of all people, with waving the white flag first this April, and with some humility when he admitted that ‘Part of the problem is that anti-Trumpism has a tendency to be insufferably condescending.’ Brooks then basically summarized the great failure of the Never Trumpers as ‘an epic attempt to offend 40 percent of our fellow citizens by reducing them to psychological inferiors.'”

It’s difficult to argue that we’d be better off with a Hillary economy, a Hillary foreign policy, or a second Hillary Supreme Court Justice. But that’s what you’re arguing, if you’re NeverTrump.

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