May 31, 2019

30 YEARS LATER TIANANMEN SQUARE STILL HAUNTS CHINA’S COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP: And well it should. On June 4, 1989, the PLA slaughtered over 2,000 peaceful protestors. Now Beijing forbids discussing the massacre and seeks to erase it from history.

The government has tried to erase photo evidence of the massacre, or at least prevent mainland China’s people from seeing images on the internet. Arguably the most iconic photo was snapped June 5, the day after the slaughter: In Tiananmen Square, a lone Chinese man stands before a PLA main battle tank. The man carries two shopping bags. There is video of the incident. After the tank stopped, the courageous fellow climbed aboard and spoke with the soldiers. He was eventually dragged into the crowd, and … then he disappeared. The government still claims it has never found the man and doesn’t know his name. Realists believe he is in a secret jail or an unmarked grave.

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