June 21, 2018

LEFTIES ARE THUGS: “Silence white supremacy!”/”Get him out” — that was the chant at a meeting of the Madison school board ad hoc committee on police officers in schools. “The protestors were black, white, hispanic, and east Asian. Very few are parents. All but a handful are very young, very loud, and very obnoxious…. What else is new? Madison school board leadership race-shamed Karen Vieth for complaining about the dysfunction in her school. So why shouldn’t school board member Loumos do the same when a citizen and parent speaks in favor of keeping the police?”

Plus: “Blaska maintains a calm demeanor throughout the disturbing intimidation, but you can see that his hands shake (something commented on by the videographer, DuersttheWuerst), and I can only imagine how scary it must be to publicly express opinions in a small room that is packed with people denouncing you. The committee members do nothing to push back the intimidation or to protect Blaska’s right to speak to the group.”

Disgraceful. But hey, more votes for Scott Walker. And for Donald Trump! Because behavior like this is how you get more of both.

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