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June 19, 2018

THIS HAS GOTTEN A LOT LESS ATTENTION THAN IT DESERVES: Sports Tickets, Other Freebies for FBI Leakers Raise ‘Bribery’ Issues, Legal Experts Say. They raise ‘bribery’ issues because, you know, they’re bribery. Both the bribed, and the bribers, should be prosecuted.

(Bumped, because it’s getting a lot less attention than it deserves.)

UPDATE: From the comments: “They go after Trump for the emoluments clause and end up revealing a bunch of Trump haters for bribery.”

Plus: “It’s not bribery bribery if you’ve got a friend in the prosecutors’ office. Especially, when bringing you up on charges will call into question all your sworn ‘testimony’ in trials to put people disfavored by the powers that be in prison.”