December 15, 2008

SOME MORE REVIEW LOVE for the Panasonic LX-3. It’s the camera I took with me to the Caymans, and it did very well. So far I’m extremely pleased with it.

UPDATE: Reader Jonathan Wasserstrum writes: “You seem to be very happy with your new camera, and the reviews you have linked to all seem very laudatory as well. I was wondering if for a casual user, the additional benefits/features of the LX-3 would be money well spent over one of the Canon SureShots or if the features would just sit there unused.”

Well, the best feature is the fast, wide-angle lens. You’ll use that. There’s not as much telephoto zoom range as on most other pocket cameras, but I find that I almost never use the extreme telephoto range of my other pocket cameras anyway. If you’re indoors in low light, you’ll like the ability to take good pictures without a flash. The color rendering also seems exceptionally nice. That said, there are plenty of good cameras out there that are cheaper.

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