May 12, 2018

ARE WE THE BADDIES? Sally Kohn “assumed, because in certain New York precincts, everyone assumes it, that conservatives are haters and that their hate is so all encompassing that they show it in their interpersonal interactions. Kohn discovered that such was not the case. The people she met at Fox News were kind and considerate. They engaged with her and showed that they cared about her. They even helped her to hone her skills:”

And then I went to go work at Fox News as a lefty lesbian – by the way, I’m a lesbian; I hope that didn’t shock anyone, you’ve also read the Internet, you know – so when I showed up at Fox News, listen, I thought they had some hateful ideas, supported some hateful policies, right, but also I expected everyone on air, off air, people watching at home, I expected them to be like totalistically and completely a hundred percent hateful monsters, I just did….

And that sounds horrible to say but it’s just what I expected. I thought they’d just be mean to me, they wouldn’t care about me, they’d be homophobic, right, I expected all hate – and when I went to go actually spend time at Fox News, two things happened…. I found out that these people – who I still think, by the way, believe and support a lot of hateful things in the world – were quite nice to me as a person, just interpersonally they weren’t what I expected and cared about my career and cared about my family and sometimes we could even find things to agree on. And we’re complex people who were more than just those political views and I realized I hated them.

The passage by Kohn that Stuart Schneiderman quotes at his Had Enough Therapy? blog contains nine examples of the word “hate” or a derivation thereof.  The disparity between an ideology that claims to be obsessed with “nuance” while projecting a bipolar Manichean worldview is fascinating, but to borrow from Thomas Sowell’s analogy, nobody said it was easy being the anointed.

Found via Maggie’s Farm; classical reference in headline:

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