May 2, 2018

EXPLETIVE DELETED:  Here’s what bothers me about the media coverage of the “prom dress” fiasco.  When quoting the utterly idiotic tweet by Jeremy Lam, the Washington Post and other MSM outlets leave out the curse word.  WaPo writes:  “‘My culture is NOT your …. prom dress.'”  That, of course, is not what he wrote.  What he wrote was a lot nastier.

Where a newspaper reporter uses an ellipsis in a quotation, the reporter is telling readers that they should trust him or her that the deleted material was not significant.  But, in this case, I think it was.  By deleting the curse, WaPo made the whole thing seem more like a “debate” (which is how the headline characterized it) and less like a hotheaded rant by a pathetic fool (which is what it was).  I can understand not wanting to print curses in a family newspaper.  If so, they could have rendered it as “My culture is NOT your [expletive deleted] prom dress.”

The real story is how so many people could “heart” such an incoherent sentiment.


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