April 30, 2018

UNCOVERING THE VAST CONSPIRACY: On Facebook, a fellow law prof calls this “maybe the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen a law professor write.” Well, maybe — that’s setting the bar pretty high. But read it for yourself.

High points: Eugene Volokh as the Dr. Evil of this nefarious movement, and Josh Blackman as his “tall and muscular” henchman.

But here’s my advice: If you’re worried that a national campaign will portray campuses as dominated by violent and fascistic mobs, stop ginning up violent fascistic campus mobs every time someone from the right speaks on campus.

UPDATE: From the comments: “You have to admire a conspiracy that relies on the victims simply doing what they always do. It’s like suggesting there’s a conspiracy to make sailors drink beer.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: This conspiracy theory seems to be the new storyline.

Blame the “outside agitators.” Where have I heard that before?

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