April 3, 2018


Aghdam, 39, lived in southern California. She was active on YouTube and often ranted about the company in videos on her channels, on Instagram, and on her own website. It is unknown if this was a potential motive in Tuesday’s shooting.

Aghdam identified as Persian and often posted videos and other posts in both English and Farsi, the official language of Iran.

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Authorities don’t believe that Aghdam, 39, had any direct connection to YouTube. According to NBC News, she did have a YouTube channel. She often posted videos that included “rants” against the company, according to the information supplied by NBC.

“Nasim the Persian Azeri female vegan bodybuilder, also animal rights activist promoting healthy and humane living. Nasim produced and launched the first Persian TV commercial and music video (Do You Dare) regarding animal rights and veganism through international Iranian satellite Television in 2010,” read the “About” section on her YouTube channel.

Just another typical southern good ol’ boy NRA member…

UPDATE: Note the photo atop this 2009 San Diego Union Tribune page headlined “PETA protests military’s use of pigs in training,” and its caption: “Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protested yesterday at the main gate of Camp Pendleton. Nasim Aghdam (front) demonstrated with a plastic sword against the Marines’ killing of pigs in a military exercise. ‘For me, animal rights equal human rights,’ Aghdam said.”

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