March 29, 2018

ANN ALTHOUSE: Why are colleges rejecting the prominent high school activist David Hogg? “So it’s almost as if the schools are repelled by him (in secret) — the way many gun-rights people are repelled (openly). What’s up schools? Are your values phony? Do you want pliable mush minds to shape and not an irksome, pesky, know-it-all, loudmouth kid? This is — I hypothesize — what happens when institutions internalize political activism and why youthful political activism cannot be what it was in the 1960s.”

Plus: “I haven’t watched David Hogg’s political speeches, only this video. To my eye, he looks stressed and troubled. I don’t know how independent he is, who if anyone is using or abusing him, how much sleep he gets, how confused and addled he may feel after such an intense time in the spotlight.”

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